Comfortable living Your guide to accessibility services on campus


By Tanisha Meheta

On the case of lightening the load

If you’re a student with a permanent disability, there’s quite a few resources on campus that are invaluable to you and will make your student experience a lot smoother.

With OSAP,  you can register as a student with a permanent disability – this allows you access to grants that help you pay for medical expenses and disability-associated costs. As well, you can register with AccessAbility to see how to write your midterms and finals with necessary accommodations. For example, you cannot bring food into your midterms or finals. If you are a student who has type 1 diabetes, it becomes absolutely necessary to have access to food or drinks. The process can seem daunting at first, but it is quite easy to get registered.

In order to register a permanent disability with OSAP,  you must first register with AccessAbility – so I’ll start with that process.

Download a disability verification form from AccessAbility services and bring it to your doctor. It must be the specific form written by AccessAbility services filled out by your doctor, which highlights all the ways the disability may affect you, so the center is fully aware of the appropriate services to offer you, specifically. Submit this form to AccessAbility services either online, or through going into the new Needles Hall.

AccessAbility services will make an appointment to see you and review your application, as well as to discuss what you qualify for. It’s that easy! Next, it’s time to register with OSAP.

Once AccessAbility has approved you, you can go to your OSAP profile and self-register as a student with a permanent disability. This is only pending – the profile will only update once OSAP has confirmed with the university.

Go to the registrar’s office in old Needle’s Hall and notify them of your request to change your disability status. Inform them that you’re registered with AccessAbility services, and you need the update to your OSAP profile.

That’s it. It’s  an important task broken up into a few simple steps.


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