Consent week and the red zone


The Red Zone refers to the first six to eight weeks of the fall semester, when students are more likely to experience sexual assault. According to Stacey Jacobs, UW’s sexual violence prevention project coordinator, this is because most students are living by themselves for the first time and don’t know what support systems are available to them.

Consent week, which will be happening this term from Sept. 18 – 22, aims to educate and spread awareness about consent in both sexual and day-to-day interactions. Students will also be informed about the different services available to support them. WUSA and the sexual violence prevention and response office (SVPRO) will be collaborating to host several events and activities, including an active bystander intervention training for engineering students on Tuesday and a virtual workshop on gender-based violence and social media on Wednesday. Take Back the Night will also be happening on Sept. 21 at Gaukel Block in downtown Kitchener with speeches and performers to spread awareness about consent.

The SVPRO on campus offers supports to all students who have experienced or been impacted by sexual violence. The office is not a crisis service, but you can email them at If you are in a crisis, call the Sexual Assault Support Centre in Waterloo at 519-741-8633 or local police.