Coolest things to do in Stratford


By Sunny Fleming

On the case of Bieber Fever

Stratford Festival

Perhaps what Stratford is most famous for, the Stratford Festival puts on many plays each year for you to enjoy. From musicals to Shakespeare and modern plays, there is entertainment for every genre you could think of. Each year, the selection changes, but the plays are consistently well-run and entertaining. I have seen Fiddler on the Roof, Tommy, and Hamlet at the Stratford Festival, and all three plays, though completely different, were excellent and unforgettable performances.

The Bieber map

If you like Justin Bieber in any capacity, then you may know that he was originally from Stratford. Stratford has taken the fame from being the hometown of Bieber and has made a map of places that he performed at, places he likes to eat, and where he went to school. Even if you do not like him, he gives a few suggestions of things to do in Stratford on this map, such as some restaurants like Madelyn’s Diner and Scoopers Ice Cream.

Art in the Park

This event runs every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from the end of May through to the end of September, so this is something you’ll want to check out soon. If you are a fan of seeing new art, or want to buy some one-of-a-kind art or jewellery, this is a nice event. It is located right along the Victoria Lakefront, so you can go for a walk that gives you nature and art gallery vibes.

Stratford Farmers Market

Supporting the local economy is one of the greater parts of being in a smaller town. The Stratford Farmers Market lets you support local vendors and get fresh food. It runs every saturday from 7 a.m. till noon, and in the nicer weather they expand to have some vendors outdoors. If you’re looking for locally-sourced food or a neat gift for someone, check out the market.


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