Correcting the Misconceptions behind Feminism


How does one define feminism? For some, it is empowering and supporting women in what they want to do. For others, it is nothing but misandry. And this is exactly where the whole concept goes for a toss. Feminism is synonymous with equality, not sexism. Feminism operates on the grounds that women should be equal to men, both in regards to their social standing and their rights. But the term is so misunderstood that people take it to mean that women should be of higher rank than men, and thus should be held in higher regard. Misandry, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of misogyny. 

As a feminist, one expects equality, not superiority. Women have been fighting a long battle just to be viewed in the same regard as their male counterparts. Like many other -isms,feminism is more difficult to understand because it does not encompass a completely unified set of ideals, but all feminists have one thing in common – they want to work together to bring about a better society for all genders. This concept works to topple the patriarchy, which establishes men in a dominant position. The idea of feminism is to raise women to power while letting the men keep their power. 

Feminism is not just a movement for the liberation of women, but a broad social movement striving for the equality of each individual. Feminism emphasizes the importance of values such as co-operation, tolerance, and freedom for each person to achieve their potential. Feminists are not against men as individuals. What they are against is the oppressive and outdated social structure that forces both men and women into positions that are false and antagonistic. 

Thus, everyone has an important role to play in the feminist movement. It is a fight against sexism and inequality, not a hunt against men or a movement to hate men and treat them as lower beings in society. This is the crux of the misunderstanding, and hence makes the whole idea more controversial than it should be.


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