Craft your beer-drinking experience


Craft Beer Passport is a new app that gives beer lovers an exciting and affordable new way to explore the Tri-Cities and Guelph’s burgeoning craft beer scene. The app has a number of features to help discover the best local bars, breweries and beers.

Visiting any of the participating restaurants would get you a 12 oz. craft beer for $2 which is the legal minimum price and a digital stamp by the server on your passport app. The app also has its own custom map which makes it easier for the users to navigate to the next closest brewery or bar that offers craft beer.

Each bar that is participating has its own profile and address on the app which helps you choose the beer according to the occasion. The profile also has other basic information such as the opening and closing hours of participating establishments, as well as links to their social media.

The app works on a subscription based platform where users can choose from a variety of plans ranging from 3 stamps for $5 to all stamps for $30. These stamps work like vouchers which are redeemable for an in-store purchase of one $2 craft beer at any bar or brewery thats participating.

Counterpoint Brewing , Short Finger Brewing, and TWB Co-operative Brewing are the participating breweries in Kitchener and Waterloo.

The app is free to download on iOS and Android.


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