The pandemic has made it a challenge to keep busy and stay productive. Those who are working less and spending more time at home are desperately trying to find ways to occupy themselves, while riding another wave of COVID-19 restrictions. When it comes to creative projects, the City of Waterloo’s Arts and Culture team, Create Waterloo, has KW residents covered. 

Create Waterloo runs an annual, cost-free winter festival for the City of Waterloo called Winterloo. As part of this festival, the team has been leading an Instagram challenge called the Create 31 Project as a way to encourage creativity and keep residents engaged.

The Create 31 Project encourages followers to engage in some form of creative activity –  be it drawing, painting, knitting, or DIY projects – for at least 31 minutes each of the 31 days of January, 2021. The team introduces exercises created by a variety of Waterloo artists, influencers, businesses, and political representatives.

Every Sunday, a list of exercises for the week ahead is posted on the project’s Instagram account, @create_waterloo, and all skill levels are welcome.

Though January is coming to an end, the project is running until the end of the month. The KW community is encouraged to participate and share their work with the hashtag #create31. Visit for more information on the challenge, and to view the posts shared by the community.