Creative Ways UW Students Celebrated Halloween


While the pandemic might have raged on, it wasn’t enough to keep UW students from celebrating the spookiest season of the year. Students at UW found creative ways to celebrate Halloween that let them enjoy the holiday, without breaking any health and safety restrictions.

Many students kept up the age-old tradition of dressing up for Halloween. Third-year Honours Arts student Robyn Clarke had a small celebration with her roommates, and took fun photos of their costumes. “I dressed up as Lola Bunny from the 1996 movie Space Jam,” Clarke said. “It was a hit.”

Clarke acknowledged how difficult it can be to try and celebrate amidst the restrictions. “It’s sad to think about how normally we’d head to a big event at one of the bars here, or a bigger house party, to show off our costumes. But I’m grateful I was able to do anything at all, because I love Halloween,” Clarke said. 

Second-year Honours Arts student Natalie Anglin also felt that her Halloween plans were impacted by the pandemic. “I probably would’ve gone out if I could have,” Anglin said. Nevertheless, Anglin and her roommates shared a fun night in costume.

“I dressed up as Where’s Waldo,” Anglin said. “My friend made me dress up. It was not my choice,” she emphasized.

Some students didn’t go all-out, but still found a way to incorporate Halloween items into their everyday wear. “I didn’t dress up, but I did put makeup on,” third-year Honours Physics student Matthew Bilopavlovic said. Bilopavolic’s roommate, third-year Honours Arts and Business Student Erin Froud wore devil ears. 

In addition to dressing up, many UW students enjoyed traditional fall-themed treats. “I made a lot of pumpkin puree because I love baking and definitely plan on using it to make cakes and other treats,” Bilopavlovic said. “We [my roommates and I] also ate pizza and a lot of candy while watching Halloween movies.” 

Junk food and Halloween movies were both popular in 2020. “My favourite part of the night was going to grab some late-night food in our costumes. It was pretty funny to walk into a fast food place all dressed up,” Clarke said. 

Third-year Science Psychology student Zofia Washington watched a horror movie and spent time with her social bubble. “I celebrated by getting sushi and watching a scary movie with my girlfriend,” Washington said. 

“I had fun,” she continued. “It was nice to spend a cozy night in, watching a good movie with someone whose company I enjoy. I wouldn’t necessarily call it exciting, but it was a very nice Halloween and exactly what I needed after a long week of midterms.” 

Anglin’s social bubble planned to watch a movie, but never got around to it. “We ate junk food, and we were going to watch a movie, but we ended up just talking,” Anglin said. 

Overall, despite the restrictions, UW students throughout the city enjoyed Halloween and found a way to make the night special.

“Halloween is all about the allure of the supernatural and the unknown, dressing up like someone else and escaping our real lives for one night. I think that a lot of students feel a strong need for that while struggling with physical and social isolation, the pandemic, and online school. But you don’t need to go to a big party to get that experience,” Washington said.

“I think it was a good time. I feel like we made it work,” Bilopavlovic said. 

“It definitely wasn’t my favourite Halloween, but it was nice,” Froud agreed. 

From mini costume parties to horror movie marathons with candy, many Halloween activities made their way into people’s plans. 

As the holiday season continues, hopefully these stories about Halloween inspire you to find creative ways to celebrate without taking any unnecessary risks. 


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