Critical health infractions at Campus Plaza: Region of Waterloo



Campus Plaza health infractions in 2019. Graphic By Harshitha Damodaran

During an inspection on Jan. 20, 2020, Waterloo health inspectors found four infractions at Mr. Yin restaurant, located in Campus Plaza. 

Three of these four infractions were critical, following an inspection conducted on Dec. 17, 2019, of which two out of four infractions were critical. 

Health inspectors found that multi service articles and food contact surfaces were not cleaned and sanitised. 

The other two infractions regarding hot-holding and protecting food from contamination were corrected during inspection. 

Similar infractions were found at Lazeez, OneZo Tapioca, and Asakusa, among others. 

Aldo Franco, Manager Health Protection & Investigation, said, “In 2019 Region of Waterloo Public Health inspectors conducted a total of 7,343 food safety inspections in over 3,000 food premises across Waterloo Region, with 8,464 infractions noted.”

“The top two infractions in 2019 were ‘Equipment, utensils, multi-service articles and all food contact surfaces are properly constructed and maintained’ i.e. maintaining equipment clean and in good repair, with 1,064 infractions in total and ‘Food protected from contamination or adulteration’ i.e. foods stored uncovered, or on the floor, or in a manner where it could potentially be contaminated, with 1,043 infractions,” Franco said. Inspectors conducted checks at a total 57 restaurants in the campus plaza area. 

“There is a high volume of food premises in the area that we inspect on a routine scheduled basis,” Franco said. 

“There are a wide variety of food premises and many are full service type restaurants or take out where they conduct a lot of food handling with a lot of preparation steps, which results in a greater chance for infractions,” Franco commented.

Inspectors found no infractions at eight establishments – Burger King, Tokuno Sushi, Sowon Restaurant, Kick-off Sports Bar, Harvey’s, Toast Delight, Better Chef, and Mr. Panino Beijing House, during the last inspection. 

After infractions are discovered, business owners are given a date by which they must correct the infractions. Repeated non-compliance can result in legal action such as tickets, summons or orders.

“We evaluate compliance with the provincial regulations when we conduct our routine inspections, and we follow up with a re-inspection when necessary. 

“We educate to help the operators do things the correct way and we also take immediate action if a health hazard exists,” Franco said. 

“Health hazards are when there is an immediate risk to a person’s health present and immediate actions may include throwing food away or if warranted, closing the premise.”

Imprint reached out to representatives of Mr. Yin but did not get a response. More information can be found on the Check it! We inspect it! website. 


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