Crochet: not just your grandma’s hobby

Being trapped inside the bubble that is student life, I maybe should feel embarrassed that my down time is spent inside a blanket burrito, watching Netflix (<em>Gilmore Girls</em>, what up!) and crocheting. But I&rsquo;m not (suck it, society).</p>


The short attention span that curses our generation means that I can’t just watch TV, I also have to be eating or playing Tetris on my phone or highlighting the readings I will never comprehend OR crocheting.


*Pause for all the old lady jokes*


I fully embrace my elderly pastime, but will also say this: knitting and crocheting require a lot of dexterity and excellent eyesight, so it is a much better hobby for youth than for frail old ladies. 


Seriously, if young people would just let go of the stigma and take up a yarn-based hobby, we would all be better people. I could basically perform surgery now because I spend so much time making tiny stitches. We can fight about it later if you disagree with that leap, but I should warn you that my knitted armour is very protective.


Here’s my main pitch for why you should pick up knitting or crocheting: people will think you’re quirky. If you don’t already know, quirky is like a good version of weird that was made up by Zoe Deschanel, true story. If you crochet on the bus, someone will probably write a missed connection about you on OMGUW and ultimately, that’s all any of us want out of our university experience.


Also you can make cool winter headbands, hats, and scarves for yourself. Only suckers buy their winter accessories premade.


So take up knitting and crocheting and you can be on the frontier of the latest trend: grannysexual. 


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