Crossword for all you cultural plebians



1. Space for relaxation and rejuvenation

4. Mixture used on roads and paths

8. Nobel-level medal for Mathematicians

9. Rock with a healthy amount of valuable material

11. Begin again

12. Band of “Wonderwall” and “Champagne Supernova”

13. Yellow Teletubby, ___ Laa

15. Treebeard’s race

16. Conquerors of Ancient Samaria 

20. To speak with a stutter

23. First 

25. American basketball organization

26. Son of Abraham and Sarah

28. UW language course-code

30. New York rapper who debuted with Illmatic 

31. Compact Volkswagen

32. Mark Wahlberg movie featuring a stuffed bear (2012)

33. Before a married woman’s maiden name



1. Transgress against the Lord

2. Rinds

3.  Brand of menstrual pads

4. American-Chinese chicken dish named after General Zongtang

6. To she who most impresses the bachelor

7. Move wherein Pokémon sleeps for two turns and is fully restored 

8. Only pet featured in an American President’s memorial

10. Wash, _____, Repeat

14. Creative expression, usually in a visual medium

17. Game of Thrones Queen of the North

18. Being ___, Canadian animated series

19. Brand of sleeping pill with zolpidem

21. Layer of paint

22. Part in a show or play

23. Pig’s sound

24. Direction of the sunrise

27. Essential component of medical cannabis

29. Beer brewed without hops


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