Demystifying the ‘Red Lipstick as Under Eye Concealer’ phenomenon


Every makeup lover has red lipstick. At first glance, this is a very inexpensive creative solution to expensive colour correcting concealers, often sold in sets. When I first heard about this phenomenon, I thought, does it really work?

Here is the viral video that has everyone talking:

How it works

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In order to understand how it works, you need to understand colour theory. So let me break it down for you. Normally a salmon (peachy-orange) concealer is used around the eyes as a colour corrector for dark circles, followed by a high coverage foundation.

The peachy-orange colour contains red and yellow, which are the opposite colours of the purple, blue, and green colours that create the darkness around the eyes. Simply put, they cancel each other out because they are complimentary opposites. Then, using a high coverage foundation, you can finish the rest of your routine.


Why it doesn't always work

Unfortunately, this trick does not work for everyone. For those who have light to medium skin this trick will not work effectively for you. For those who are of darker skin, it is natural to have darkness around the eyes. For light skinned beauties, try a yellow toned corrector. Personally, this does not work for me, and I have medium Asian skin.

I have seen fair skinned ladies try this out on Instagram. Following the red lipstick they use full coverage concealer that matches their natural skin tone. But then doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Concealer over concealer.


Colour correctors should work under foundation without the need for additional concealer.


Before you grab any red lipstick, you will want to keep the texture and shade in mind. For this trick to be most effective, you should use a warm or neutral red lipstick that has a matte and dry texture. This will mimic the texture of concealer and help it stay in place longer.

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