Destress with yoga at UW


by Sarah Givlin

Whether you are running around, stressed about tests and exams or if you just need to unwind, yoga will be able to relieve the stress in your body.

Destress with yoga on any weekday from  September to December at PAC. Yoga will relax your body and allow you to release any negative energy you are feeling. Yoga is a great way to meet new people while relaxing your muscles. cess to yoga and other fitness classes for the whole term. There are many physical benefits of yoga including a balanced metabolism, improved circulatory and cardiac systems, and weight reduction. However, there are also mental benefits such as:  increased concentration, a more positive outlook on life, and improved mental clarity. Richard Ruiqiang has been a yoga instructor at UW for 3 years, and he was able to shine a little light on the classes. Yoga allows you to explore your abilities without pushing your limits. Yoga has proven to relieve stress, improve health, heal aches and pains and keep an able-body.

“Don’t be concerned too much about ability, just come out and see how it goes,”  Ruiqiang said.

Cramming for tests and exams will often take a toll on your body without you realizing and your mental and physical health can easily decline. Even doing yoga once a week can be beneficial. The relief you will feel by just taking a few hours to relax and focus on only one thing will enable a clear and open mind. After yoga, you will be able to retain information more easily and quickly, allowing for a potential increase in grades.If you need some calming and are looking to improve your mental health then a De-Stress Yoga class may be right for you. This type of class allows for a calm atmosphere where you can refocus. Looking to get toned and improve your physical health? A Power or Cirque Yoga class is for you. Should you want the best of both worlds, take the Yan-Ying class. The first half is high intensity and the second half is slower paced and more relaxing. These classes will teach skillful positions in a fun and encouraging environment.

“We emphasize that all our classes are open to everyone, whether you are a beginner yogi or an experienced yogi”, Ruiqianga said. “Come out and try, our instructors make each class beneficial to all yogis.”

PAC offers a Shoe Tag bundle that costs only $55+HST for  unlimited access to yoga and other fitness classes for the whole term. For more infomration visit UW atheletics.


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