Dragons’ Den descends on Waterloo

Mike Wekerle is the latest to piggyback off of the Oktoberfest spirit in Waterloo with the event #Wektoberfest, hosted by the Waterloo Innovation Network, which Wekerle launched Oct. 19.
“With what’s going to go on in the future here, I’ve very excited to be in Waterloo,” Wekerle said. Wekerle recently purchased a former Blackberry building to host tech companies and is eyeing two more.

#Wektoberfest featured a live episode of Dragons’ Den — Wekerle is the show’s newest judge. After the live episode, the event went 19+ and had booze, food trucks, and bands 5440 and Kandle. All proceeds went to the YWCA.

Visit www.uwimprint.ca to watch our video coverage of the event.


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