Exams are almost upon us … so what are your holiday plans?

Winnie Chan, 4A Environment & Business.
Tammy Tran, 3B Honours English

“I definitely will be spending some time with family and friends! I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while now, so hopefully I’ll be able to finally get a start on that. And if there’s enough snow by then, possibly hit the slopes at Horseshoe or Snow Valley for some skiing with friends!”

David An, 4B Arts & Business Speech Communication

“I plan to go home, spend time with family on a quality Christmas break, and relax before going back on the job hunt.”

Left: Brenna Winter, 4A Honours English Right: Emerald Naylor, 4A Honours English

Brenna- “I’m heading out west to Seattle to visit my parents. I consider myself to be pretty much a Christmas elf, so I will be baking cookies, wrapping everyone’s gifts, and decorating our multiple Christmas treesall while singing Michael Buble’s Christmas album. I think this year we are also going to go to the Cascade Mountains and see the German Christmas village up there!”

Emerald- “The December break is really the only time I step back from my workaholic ways and relax. Along with the obvious choices of reading good books and watching Netflix, I also like to be creative. After exams, I can be found making Christmas cards, writing new short stories, or choreographing dances for the new year.”

Vicky Jiang, 3B Arts & Business Political Science

“I’m looking forward to moving out, followed by getting my wisdom teeth out, and starting my co-op!”

Jason Park, 3B Computer Science

“I’m looking forward to heading to a snowboarding resort, heading off to co-op, and copious amounts of Netflix.”

Left: Whitney Chen, 4A Environment & Business Right: Sahaana Raveetharan, 4B Arts & Political Science

Whinnie- “I’m going to morph into a potato. This means staying at home under a blanket, indulging in activities like playing video games for six hours straight, sleeping at 6 a.m. after reading really sappy fanfiction, and applying to one grad job. So don’t be surprised if you come to my house for Christmas and see a delicious, tasty root vegetable in my chair.”

Sahaana- “I’ve been incredibly lucky in that I only have one exam this term and it’s on superheroes. My exam prep will literally just be me reading comic books, which is essentially how I wanted to spend my holidays anyways. Once I finish, the plan will be to go home to Mississauga and reconnect with some old friends and family.”

Danielle Cruz, 4A Knowledge Integration

“My plans are to eat, drink, be merry … and hopefully work on my thesis as well.”

Photos by Theresa Shim

This article has been updated to correct the name of Whitney Chen