Fashion for Change held their theme release party on Jan. 27, building excitement for their annual charity fashion show taking place on March 18.

“Fashion for Change is a student run volunteer club in the tri city area … we’ve raised $80,000 to date, and it’s our 7th year since the club started,” Fashion for Change artistic director Giovanna Ngai said.

Ngai sits on the board of directors and is responsible for the artistic direction of the main event of the organization. Like Ngai, all of the volunteers are students. This is her fifth year with Fashion for Change, having started as a jewelry designer before moving on to clothing design.

Ngai explained that the purpose of a theme release party, rather than simply announcing the theme, was to generate hype.

“The event allows us to create a journey as there’s a show coming. So many people work hard.. this is a half way celebration” Ngai stated.

An hour and a half into the the show, this year’s theme,“Through the Decades,” was revealed.

Ngai expressed the board’s excitement about this theme, as it “gives us ability to push those boundaries and draw from different cultural and historical influences … as well as create an interesting story art.”

“We are building up to one big show in March for We Charity (formerly known as Free the Children). All the money we raise goes to our adopted village in Sierra Leone. Until today, we have raised $80,000,” Ngai said.

“This year we’re partnering with different businesses; if you go to the partnered organizations you get a discount. A portion of the proceeds will go to us,” Ngai continued. “We are building connections in the tri-city area, to help push our boundaries, even financially.”

“We try to push the creative boundaries of what we try to do with the scenes. Last year we had a Bollywood scene; the models enjoyed it so much because you learn not only different dances, but you learn about different cultures as well,” Ngai said.

The event had a special drinks menu and a semi-formal dress code. Upon the release of the theme, everyone was free to dance and enjoy the rest of the evening.


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