Fed Hall turned into study space by Food Services

Good news for those tired of trying to find space on the main campus: Fed Hall may be the new answer to your pleas.&nbsp;</p>

According to a statement released in the Oct. 21 UW Daily Bulletin, “[Federation Hall] was built as a nightclub, served for years as a special event venue, and even hosted a rave or two back when you could get away with that sort of thing,” but its latest reincarnation includes plans to open the space up to the UW community as study space.

This development is even more surprising as it was spearheaded by  a group you would not expect to be providing study space: UW Food Services. 

Lee Elkas of UW Food Services commented that, “UW Food Services is committed to enhancing the student experience, and we had committed from the very beginning that if available and practical, we would keep the doors open as student study space.”

When asked whether or not this space would be open during weekends like the SLC is, Elkas responded that it is mostly a cost issue.

“Our plan is for students to have access into the facility while we have our full-time staff already scheduled to work. At this time, there are no plans to schedule staff to come in at night or on weekends if the building is vacant to oversee student activity,” they said.

That is not to say that developments are not on the horizon for the space. Elkas said, “We are still moving towards being fully functional with the space and the new equipment.  Once we get a couple years under our belt, we will be able to determine ways on how the facility will best serve the campus.”

If you are looking for a new space to call your own during the stress of midterms and exams, or are just looking for a change of study scenery, you can now check out Federation Hall.

The space will be available on a weekly basis, not just during exams or midterms, and students will be notified when the hall is vacant. Their hours will be posted on their website, along with the Student Portal, and through social media. 


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