Feds president announces new action plans targeting student wants

Students’ Council ran Input Sessions inviting UW students to voice what changes they want to see the Federation of Students make in 2014 on Jan. 9 and 10. A total of four students attended these sessions. Advertising had been going on since the start of classes on Jan. 6 according to President David Collins.

“I think many of us have noticed that we have not been able to accomplish as much policy as we wish, and students may not be as happy about that as we think,” said Collins. “I decided to run some Input Sessions so we can create an action plan for Students’ Council. So we can go forth from there and start accomplishing some things.”

Despite low attendance, this convergent style brainstorming session resulted in all kinds of ideas for improving campus life. Suggestions ranged from installing beer tents to hiring more English-proficient professors.

“We all know what it’s like to have a prof[essor] that can’t speak English,” said Collins.

After funneling the ideas down, Collins presented these top ideas as feasible areas for Students’ Council to improve: school spirit, food options on campus, student spaces, the sustainability office, and the Feds brand identity.

He also proposed to partner with Adam Garcia, VP Education, and the Education Advisory Committee to address concerns which were raised regarding exam relief and post-ELPE writing support.

Students’ Council will be meeting with the related societies and services on campus to address these areas and create a series of action plans to be carried out this year. 


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