FIFA World Cup: Dilemma


So I have a dilemma.


On Tuesday, the two teams I cheer for- Brazil and Germany- play against each other for the first semifinal match of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. That means that only one of my teams can make it to finals. That means half my family will be ecstatic and the other half will be heartbroken.


I don’t know which team to cheer for.


Argentina, Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands are all amazing teams. I think they are a great final four. Each team is strong and deserves to be where they are. Of course, I just hope that Brazil or Germany will go farther.


All of these countries have won the World Cup before, with the exception of the Netherlands. Brazil holds the most World Cups ever. Brazil has won five times, Argentina has won twice and Germany has won three times. The Netherlands have come close with three runner ups.


Right now, I think each team has an equal chance to win the World Cup. Whoever wins the Brazil vs. Germany game goes onto play in the finals. I just don’t know which side of my family I should cheer with.


I would love for Germany to win. The last time they won the title was in 1990. However, Germany was split so only West Germany won the World Cup. They haven’t won since being unified so I would love for them to win. Also, I may have a teeny tiny crush on one of Germany’s midfielders. His name is Bastian Schweinsteiger and he’s almost 30 years old. I fear that he may retire after this World Cup and then he’ll never have a chance to win the title while he’s on the team. Yeah, I know. Gag.


On the other hand, I would love for Brazil to win. The World Cup being hosted in their country adds a ton of pressure to the Brazilian team. Last time they hosted was in 1950. Brazil lost the title and it was devastating for them. That’s why this year, I would love for them to win it all in their home country.


Unfortunately for them, Brazil is missing two players for the semifinal match. During the match against Colombia, Silva received his second yellow card for knocking over the Colombian goalie, meaning he cannot participate in the game against Germany. Also in the Colombian game, Brazil’s star player Neymar got a serious back injury and had to be taken off the field by stretcher. He doesn’t require surgery, but he needs lots of rest and is therefore, unable to participate in the rest of the World Cup.


I think Brazil might be at a huge disadvantage, and for that reason, I just may feel the need to cheer for them.



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