FIFA World Cup Final – Germany vs Argentina


The World Cup Final Game is upon us. Argentina, in blue, is hungry to win on enemy soil while Germany, in white, is hoping for the first European win on South American ground. My whole family is decked out in Germany shirts right now. We’ve got bets on this game, so go Germany!


The game begins and Germany gets possession first. I hope they’re not too cocky walking into this game because of the insane 7-1 win against Brazil. If they’re too cocky, that could really allow Argentina to take advantage of them, so I’m hoping Germany goes into this game with the right attitude.


Argentina is a good team; Germany will have to be at the top of their game. However, I do think Germany is the stronger team so I think they have the advantage here. They don’t have one star player like Argentina has with Messi; Germany has tons of star players — they don’t focus on just one person — and that’s why I think Germany is the better team. It’s one good team vs. one player.


Right off the bat, Germany receives a free kick right on centre for Mueller being shoved to the ground. Unfortunately, Germany was unsuccessful. After each team takes a few shots on net, Messi gets an amazing breakaway. Man, that guy is fast! Luckily, Germany’s defence is able to get it out of there.


Kramer, a new face to the Germany team, gets hit really hard in the face. It looks like his neck almost snapped off by the way that he got flung to the ground. Unfortunately, he has to get taken off the field. He goes back on, but he looks confused, red faced and dazed and eventually, they decide to take him off and replace him with three-time World Cup goal scorer, Schuerrle.


Higuain of Argentina gets an amazing opportunity. The German defenders are lost behind him. He takes the shot, and shockingly, he misses the entire net and the ball goes too far to the left. It’s an embarrassing shot for Argentina and a lucky miss for Germany.


Schweinsteiger of Germany gets a yellow card for “holding” an Argentinian player back. I don’t really think it was worth a yellow card. He hardly touched the guy. Then, Howedes of Germany gets a yellow card for tripping. That one seemed a little more well deserved.


Argentina’s Higuain takes a shot on net and it goes in. They start celebrating thinking they scored a goal, but turns out it doesn’t count because it was offside. The Germans are so SO lucky.


Germany gets an incredibly close call and almost scores, but the goalkeeper saves it. In the two minutes of additional time, Germany receives two corner kicks. On the second one, Germany almost scores but they hit the post and then the keeper is able to save it.


At halftime, I’m a little worried for Germany. Argentina has been playing really well! Their defence has been strong and when their offence gets a chance, they’re fast. When Germany makes mistakes, Argentina doesn’t hesitate and they take advantage. Germany’s been holding most of the possession though so I’m hoping they can pull off a goal soon.


In the second half, Argentina gets possession first and they get a close call, but thankfully, it’s offside. Soon after, they get another good chance, but luckily, Messi misses the net completely. Germany gets a chance from a corner kick but they don’t score either.


Argentina gets a corner kick and luckily, it goes out. Mascherano of Argentina gets a yellow card for tripping. Then, Aguero of Argentina also gets a yellow card for tripping. Argentina gets a free kick on net and Neuer saves it. Then Messi takes a really good shot on net but it’s just a little too far to the left.


A corner kick for Germany starts off the last ten minutes. They also get some really good shots on net but are still unable to score. Three minutes of additional time is added and even with all the close calls by both teams, they will now play 30 minutes of overtime.


In the first half of overtime, Germany scrambled and had amazing shots on net but the Argentinian defence and keeper were strong and were able to keep the ball out of the net. Then, Argentina almost scores but the ball goes out. The first half of overtime ends and still, no score.


They are now 15 minutes away from penalty kicks. Here’s hoping it doesn’t have to come to that. In the second half, Germany gets a bunch of free kicks. Over and over again, Schweinsteiger keeps getting hurt until eventually, he has to be taken off because he’s bleeding. He doesn’t stay off for long though and soon enough, he’s playing again.


Finally, in the 113th minute, Mario Goetze of Germany scores! You should have heard the screams of joy in my house.


In the last few minutes, Argentina works hard to get it back and they take good shots on net. Messi has an amazing header shot on net but it’s just slightly too high. In the two minutes of added time, Messi gets a free kick for being tripped and I’m just biting my nails. Thankfully, the shot is too high and the second half ends.




Success? I think so.