FIFA World Cup: July 4- Brazil vs Colombia


The second match of the World Cup Quarterfinals is between Brazil and Colombia. The stadium is a sea of yellow and green with Brazil obviously being the favourites.


Brazil is in their signature colours of yellow and white while Colombia is in red and blue. Before the game has even begun, Colombia have already accomplished what has never been done before for them. This is the first time Colombia has ever been to the quarterfinals.


The game begins and Colombia takes possession of the ball first. Colombia plays hard right from the start. You can tell by their determination that they really want to win. Unfortunately, they might be trying a little too hard. They receive a ton of fouls in the beginning of the game.


The first corner kick of the game goes to Brazil. Neymar, Brazil’s star player, takes the shot. Silva, the captain of the Brazilian team, is able to knock the ball in with his knee. In as early as the seventh minute, Brazil is up by one.


The rest of the first half is filled with plenty of unsuccessful shots on net and plenty of fouls by both teams. It’s safe to say that the first half was full of suspense.


By the way, I can’t get over one of the Brazilian players. Fred of Brazil looks a lot like the American actor Burt Reynolds. Seriously, that’s all I see now when I look at him.


The second half of the game begins with more fouls and free kicks. Silva, one of Brazil’s defenders, receives a yellow card for knocking over the Colombian goalie, Ospina. Since Silva already has a yellow card from a previous game, he now misses Brazil’s next match.


Columbia receives a free shot on net and they score. However, the ref had blown the whistle before they had scored because it was offside so unfortunately for them, they never got a goal.


A frontrunner for Colombia, James Rodriguez, receives a yellow card. Brazil gets a free kick because of this. Defender David Luiz shoots to the ride side, right over the defenders and scores. It was a perfect shot. The Colombian goalie tries to save it and grazes the ball but it still goes in, meaning Brazil is now up by two.


Colombia works hard to try to catch up with Brazil and takes a few shots on net but are unsuccessful. Brazil’s goalie, Cesar, runs out of the net and dives with his legs out in an effort to kick the ball away from the net, but in the process, he accidently trips the Colombian trying to score. There’s no goal but Cesar receives a yellow card.


Colombia receives a penalty kick. Rodriguez — who is trending as Colombian cutie on Twitter- takes the shot and scores, making the game now 2-1 for Brazil.


Soon after, Colombia proves they haven’t given up yet and takes another shot on net and just misses. ColOmbia even gets two corner kicks in a row but have no luck.


Tons of offsides and fouls happen in a row. It’s like these Colombians practice without rules. Right near the end, two Brazilians get pushed down hard. Fortunately, Oscar is okay. Unfortunately, Neymar is unable to get up, he had been pushed over by Zuniga of Colombia. Neymar gets taken off by a stretcher with what looks like a back injury.


I just love how mad the Colombians get over fouls they deserve. They never think they’ve done something wrong. James Rodriguez, aka Colombian cutie, should really be called Colombian whiner in my opinion. Brazil takes the free kick.


Five minutes of additional time is added. Colombia gets a close call and almost scores, but Cesar boots it out of there. Colombia gets a free kick and desperate for a goal, they take their goalie out so they have more men attempting to score but they have no luck.


Time is up and Brazil wins 2-1! Overall, Brazil had 5 per cent possession. Each team received two yellow cards. Oh, and get this. Brazil had over 30 fouls and Colombia had over 23. That game wasn’t dirty at all. They only had more than half the average amount.


Tune in Tuesday, July 8 for the first semi-final match when Brazil plays Germany.




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