FIFA World Cup: July 4- Germany vs France


The first day of the World Cup Quarterfinals is an exciting one for me. Both the countries of where I’m from and therefore cheer for, Germany and Brazil, are playing.

The first game to start off this round is Germany vs. France. Germany are the favourites to win but unfortunately are down seven players because of the flu. The coach refuses to name the players that are ill.

Germany is in their signature colour of white, while France is in blue. The beginning of the game has Germany controlling it as they hold most of the possession. Early on, Germany scores the first goal of the game on a free kick by midfielder Kroos. Hummels, one of Germany’s defenders, is able to head the ball in the net putting Germany ahead.

Over the course of the first half, France takes plenty of shots on net. Germany’s goalkeeper, Neuer, who is voted one of the best keepers in the world, is able to save each shot on net.

In my opinion, the referee misses a lot during the first half. There are a ton of offsides made by the French that never got called. Not to mention, all the fouls by both teams that never get taken care of either.

In the second half, Germany takes quite a few more shots on net but are unable to score past the French goalkeeper, Lloris. Towards the end of the second half, when it’s completely unnecessary, Germany does the dirty trick all winning teams do and subs a player in to waste time so the score can stay in their favour. Don’t you just love how the time never stops in soccer so the winning teams can play with time and do as much as possible to screw over their opponents?

The referee makes an extremely bad call at the end of the game. France definitely kicked the ball out the side and the throw in should have gone to Germany, but France got it instead.

The French get the ball back in the last 30 seconds of the game and take a shot on net, but Neuer saves it. The game comes to an end and Germany wins 1-0!

Overall, the possession of the ball was completely even. Germany had 18 fouls while France only had 15. Germany were also the only ones to receive yellow cards. They got two in total given to two of their midfielders.

Personally, I’m ecstatic that Germany won but I hate watching how sad the losing team looks when it’s over. A few of the French guys are crying and it’s just devastating to watch. In the quarterfinals, there’s no room for second chances. Only the winners move forward meaning France is out and Germany is in. They play the winner of the Brazil vs. Columbia match on Tuesday July 8th at 4 p.m.


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