FIFA World Cup: July 8- Brazil vs Germany


Craziest. Game. Yet.


I hated that this game had to happen. The two teams I root for, Brazil and Germany, faced off today, meaning half my family is overjoyed and other is devastated.


I didn’t want to pick a side. For various reasons, part of me wanted Brazil to win and part of me wanted Germany to win. Unfortunately for Brazil, they’re missing two of their star players. Silva, one of their star defenders is out due to a yellow card and Neymar, their star offender and poster boy, is out due to a major back injury.


Brazil is in their signature canary yellow as is the crowd in the stadium. Germany switches it up from their usual white uniform and wears black and red.


Immediately, Germany has possession of the ball, but they quickly lose it. Brazil gets a corner kick within minutes and they hog most of the possession. Brazil begins strong and it looks like they could win the whole game.


But then everything changes.


Somehow, Germany finally gets possession of the ball and in the tenth minute, Germany’s star forward Mueller, scores from a corner kick. It was a beautiful goal. Perfect shot. Then Klose scores for them. Then Kroos scores right after that. And get this. Then Kroos scores AGAIN! Seriously, you need to watch this game. I’m pretty sure those last three goals happened within five minutes of each other. I think I blinked and missed two of those goals. Like, it was that fast. I thought I was seeing a replay. Then a couple of minutes later, Khederia scores.


Five goals in the first 29 minutes. That has to be a record.


At this point, I don’t even want to watch anymore. It’s painful to see a team lose that bad. I’m totally okay with Germany winning — which they obviously are at this point — but Brazil getting beat that badly in their own home country is just really hard to watch, especially since I cheer for both teams. That’s why I’m hoping they’ll at least get a few goals.


I honestly think it would be so cruel if Germany scored again. Like, please stop. Enough is enough.


At halftime, we learn that Klose of Germany has beat the record for the most World Cup goals ever by one person. He has scored 16 in total.

In the second half, Brazil has plenty of chances and it’s painful to watch them lose them over and over again. They take some really good shots on net but time and time again, it’s just not their day. I think at this point a lot of people are just wishing Brazil will score and have something instead of nothing.Then guess what? Germany scores again. This time, Schurlle does it. Then surprise! He scores again. It’s funny — after these goals, boos fill the stadium.


At this point I’m thinking that the two players missing — Silva and Neymar — are extremely vital to Brazil’s success. Silva is a great defender and without him, it looks like the defence is completely lost. And Neymar is a great forward and without him, Brazil is unable to score. Guess Neymar was the one carrying the whole team… maybe that’s why his back is broken?


In basically the last ten seconds of the game, there’s a glimmer of something for Brazil. One of Brazil’s midfielders, Oscar, scores their first goal. Right after, though, the game ends and Brazil loses out on their chance to play in the finals.


Germany wins 7-1.


Definitely a terrible match for Brazil. They’ll be recovering from this for a while. Hopefully, their confidence isn’t too shattered though. They’ll have to play on Saturday for third place.


Germany has officially made it to the finals though! They play Sunday.