FIFA World Cup: June 30- Germany vs. Algeria


The round of 16 continues with Germany facing Algeria. Germany is dressed in their signature white uniforms while Algeria is in head to toe green. Both teams look determined, knowing that this stage in the game offers no second chances. Only the winners move on in the tournament.

During the first half, Germany holds most of the possession. They seem calm as they kick the ball amongst each other. The Algerians are rough. They shove their opponents around which ultimately ends up benefiting the Germans as they receive many free kicks.

Feghouli, one of the forwards for Algeria, shines quite a few times. At one point, he’s able to get through all the German defenders and take a shot on net. However, Germany’s goalkeeper Neuer, is able to save it.

Schweinsteiger of Germany also shines during the first half of the game. He takes an amazing shot on net from fairly far away, but the Algerian goalkeeper is able to save it.

Germany’s goalkeeper takes a lot of risks during the game. He tends to stand really far away from the net and takes chances when trying to save the ball. He’ll run out of his penalty box to kick the ball away, instead of picking it up to safety. It’s safe to say that as someone who is cheering for Germany, he scared me a few times.

One yellow card is handed out during the first half. Halliche of Algeria receives one for tripping.

The first half seems to be full of corner kicks, fouls that turn into free kicks and plenty of close shots on the net. However, even after the one minute of stoppage time added, the first half ends the way it began with no score.

The second half of the game begins much like the first. Germany holds most of the possession and calmly try to move forward, but Algeria’s strong defense holds them back. The second half is filled with more shots on net, more corner kicks and more fouls. Four minutes of additional time is added and still no goal. That means two 15 minute halves are to be played.

The first half of overtime immediately goes well for the Germans. Within the first two minutes, Germany scores their first goal! Forward Mueller passes over to the center of the penalty box and other forward Schuerrle is able to drag it from behind him with his foot and score. This puts Germany up by one.

During the second half of overtime, Germany’s midfielder Lahm receives a yellow car for holding an Algerian player back. Another one of Germany’s midfielder’s, Schweinsteiger continues to get knocked over, and eventually, has to be taken off the field due to an injury.

It’s during this half that Germany score their second goal. Oezil, a midfielder, scores. He passes the ball back and forth between his teammates and is able to go through the goalie and two Algerian defenders.

Immediately after this goal, forward Djabou of Algeria scores their first goal. With minutes left of the game, Algeria almost scores again but the German goalie makes the save. Fortunately, the game ends and they do not have to go into penalty shootouts.

Germany wins 2-1! Overall, I think they deserved it. They had 66 per cent possession of the ball throughout the entire game and they had half the amount of fouls the Algerians had. They played well without being the most violent. Ultimately, it was a great game for both teams.