Five frightening and family friendly Halloween movies


It’s here! It’s finally here! The last month of the term aka the last chance we have to ace tests, complete assignments and pad our grades before the gruelling final exams that are sure to be even worse than midterms!

Well… of course you’re scared, it is our Halloween edition!

To celebrate, I have compiled a list of my personal favourite Halloween movies, suitable and enjoyable for the living and the dead. Feel free to take a “study break” and screen some of these at your next movie night, since trick or treating may not be as successful this year around, being on res and all.

5. Halloweentown

This one’s a ‘no brainer’! Disney definitely knows how to celebrate Halloween, with its elegant Halloween display in all of the parks, and spectacular series of Halloween themed movies, including Halloweentown. It follows the adventures of Agatha and her granddaughter Marnie, who is learning how to harness her powers and be the best witch she can be, from when she first finds out at age 13 all the way through her first class at Halloweentown University! Starring the late Debbie Reynolds , this series is a classic.

4. ParaNorman

Another one of my favourites! ParaNorman is about the social outcast Norman, his best friend, school bully, older sister and her ‘boyfriend-to-be,’ as they try to save the town from an evil spirit causing a zombie apocalypse. And the icing on the cake: Norman has the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Ooooooo! Kind of like The Sixth Sense, but not nearly as scary, and peppered with some beautiful moments of humour.

3. Frankenweenie

Take a seat, Mary Shelley, Tim Burton did it better! This 2012 black and white work of art is about Victor, a young boy who feels responsible for the death of his dog Sparky, and uses science to bring him back to life. Someone give my man an acceptance letter because that is some Waterloo-worthy innovation! You can skip the extra pants, as there are no jump scares, but bring some tissues because this one’s a tear-jerker.

2. Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? As long as a Ghostbusters marathon is on, I’m putting my phone on silent! These movies are funny, action-packed, have some frightening scenes (but none too extreme), and makes science look cooler than it already is. I guarantee you will be petitioning for a Paranormal Sciences B.Sc. program at Waterloo after seeing these 8 scientists in action.

1. Beetlejuice

*Gasps* Okay, don’t say the “B-word” two more times. Things will get…. a little crazy. This Tim Burton classic is my all time Halloween favourite! The scenes are a little frightening, but the iconic “Banana Boat” shrimp dinner scene and the closing “Jump in the Line” number will make you forget that ghosts and the living dead are something to be scared of, especially with Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the titled character! This classic will definitely make you say, “it’s showtime!”


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