For the nebbishes, for real this time!



1. Sweetened carbonated drink

4. Used them to glide over snow

7.  Opposing or against

9. Unidentified aerial 


11. Pork product seeped in alcohol

13. Slewn by his brother

14. Science room

15. Such as Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian

17. Airport code for locations in South-West Ontario

18. Edible seaweed wrapping sushi

19. Vancouver-based earth observation company

23. What Timon and Pumba eat

24. Radio frequency between 3 to thirty GHz

26. Exoskeleton 

28. Acknowledgement of debt

29. Health insurance for Ontarians 

30. British party led by Corbyn

34. Toronto band, “Steal my sunshine”

33. ____ Stevens starring Shia LeBeouf

34. Coloured part of the eye

35. Russian Emperor


1. One of the Three Stooges

2. Italian sports car

3. Star Wars 1977, abbreviated

4. Called the world’s greatest gymnast

5. Applications

6. The lowest point between two mountains

8. Tic-___-Toe

10. Marshlands which spring from groundwater

12. Marvel’s watcher

13. An atmosphere 

surrounding a character

16. At the place; Ad ___. 

20. A journey

21. Shack

22. You, impolitely

25. An outburst of emotion or controversy

26. Often paired with  SNL’s Colin Jost

27. Toronto Rapper released Bad Habits this year

29. Advanced in age

31. African American television network


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