Fun things to do in Cambridge


By Sunny Fleming

On the case of  ‘Stop calling it Lamebridge already’

You can find lots of cool things to do in Cambridge. It has your standard mall, movie theatre, and shopping complexes, but there are many more things you can look forward to exploring.

Riverside Park: This park is a great place to get in touch with nature and spend time walking and viewing the scenery, or even playing tennis. Keep an eye out for events run at the park, as they have a variety of days each year where they have food trucks or baseball games or even fireworks on Canada Day and Victoria Day.

Shade’s Mills conservation area: If you love being outside and doing all things active, this is the place for you. Entry is $7 per car when an attendant is on duty, $14 if there isn’t an attendant. They have a beach with boat rentals, hiking trails, and in the winter they have snowshoes and skis for rent. Year round fun can be had here.

Cambridge Ice Centre: This ice rink is open year-round, so you don’t have to wait for winter to go skating! This rink is located right inside the Cambridge Centre, so when you’ve finished skating, you can go shopping or get something to eat in the food court. A great idea for an outing with friends or a cute date. It’s $5.75 to skate (except on Tuesdays, when it’s $3), plus $4.50 to rent skates if you don’t have any.

Kingpin Bowling: This fall, a new bowling alley is going to open in the Cambridge Centre. Bowling, of course, is always a fun time. Kingpin has another alley in Kitchener, and if this new one is anything like the existing one, it’s a fun time.


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