Get Movin’ with a Fitness Class Membership! 


The University of Waterloo’s athletics program is home to some of the best and brightest minds, who work tirelessly to create accessible, motivating, and uplifting experiences for students who want to move their bodies. If you’re like me, and have always wanted to go to the gym but aren’t sure where to start, I’d recommend the Waterloo Warrior Fitness Class Membership. This membership grants you access to a variety of classes, including yoga and spin classes for only $60 a term. Even if you attend one class a week, that’s only $5 a week per class. You can also buy daily passes for $5 if you just want to try out a class or two before committing. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. I was nervous at first, but the judgement-free energy is evident within the studios; no one is watching or making fun of you because everyone is there to focus on themselves and be their best self.

Here are some of my favourite group fitness classes that I’ve taken so far this term. All of them are taught by welcoming and encouraging instructors (many of whom are UW undergrad and grad students) who create a fun and inclusive space. 

  1. Cardio strength: This class mixes weights with plyometric-based exercises, like push-ups, throwing, running, jumping, and kicking; and resistance exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges. But don’t fret! The instructors guide you through it all. All major muscle groups are exercised, and you’ll get a burst of dopamine and “feel the burn”! 
  2. Spin: I feel like everyone has an opinion on spin classes, but I’ll let you in on a secret: they’re actually a blast! Good music is always going, and you feel in tune with everyone in the (very sweaty) room. Your legs will get a fire workout, and your cardiovascular endurance will improve. 
  3. Barre: For toned arms, legs, and abs, you’ll get a full-body endurance workout in this pilates-style class. Inspired by ballet and yoga, it will help you build strength while improving your core, flexibility, and balance. Because you are lifting your own body weight, it engages muscles that squats, lunges, and sit-ups don’t activate. Pull on your grippy-socks and morph into a ballerina for an hour!
  4. Yoga flow: If you have never taken yoga before, this is a great class to start with. This class is for all skill levels and will teach you to move from one pose to the next, activating your entire body with freedom and expression. There are a number of other yoga classes offered, such as power and Vinyasa yoga, so if you like yoga flow, check out these too!
  5. Dance fitness: This class is the most fun and provides a great full-body workout while you dance along to pop, K-pop, and EDM. I’m the opposite of a good dancer, and I was still able to keep up and have a great workout, improving my coordination, too. 

All information, schedules, and external links for this term and future terms can be found here. If you require a bit of extra support due to physical or mental barriers, no problem! Check out Move Your Mind, who can help with any needs or questions you may have. Get out, get active, and have fun!