Getting back on track


Reading week? What reading?” Is what most of us are saying. Chances are you did absolutely no readings last week. Or at least I didn’t. Like many others, I found myself having a hard time getting back the motivation and momentum I had from the first week of school. Yup, waaaay back in September. Luckily I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks here and there (through trial and error) on how to gain back that motivation and studying!

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Change your environment

I have a really tough time studying in a place I’m comfortable in, like my bedroom. Nobody’s around me and I can watch all the damn youtube videos I please. When I started studying in other places such as the library (woah, studying? In a library!?), and in SLC, I was able to concentrate more. A change in scenery is key if you’re having a tough time trying to focus, plus all the people walking by will make you close your internet browser real quick.


Think about all that MONEY

You’ve probably heard people trying to calculate how much an average lecture is based on their program and how much their tuition costs. Well let me give you a rough estimate; it’s hella expensive. GO TO CLASS AND PAY ATTENTION! Or else that’s one expensive nap you’re paying for. Or if you’re not paying for it, and your parents are, then think about all those diapers they changed for you when you were a baby. Yeah. That’s their money you’re wasting — get to class!


Nothing to it but to do it.”

Is what my high school teacher said to us all the time. You’re eventually going to have to get that reading done, it may not be now, it may not be in a week, but it will need to get finished — so you might as well do it now!


Lock your phone in a safe and throw it away

It doesn’t have to be that extreme, but chances are (like myself) you’re always on social media. Check that Instagram post later! I promise you it’ll still be there when you check your phone at night. Plus, snapchatting your friend that you’re “studying” means you’re not really studying.


Take breaks

Pace yourself. 45 minutes of studying? 15 minutes of break time. That’ll help you get back into the swing of things and you can reward yourself! Just make sure your 15 minute break doesn’t turn into an hour, we’ve all been there.


Get some new gear

This may not be for everyone, but sometimes a new pen or notebook can really help you bring back that whole “I love taking notes” mantra.


I hope you found this useful and it helps you stop procrastinating. Although by reading this, you’re kinda delaying your school work. Oh well.


I actually wrote this blog post in procrastination from writing my psych notes. Oops.