Getting High on Campus: Part 2 Many books, many stories

Photo Courtesy Chloe St. Amand

This week, we’re tiptoeing up to the top of Dana Porter to gaze over campus during twilight. Did you have trouble finding the last location, or miss your wifi connection? Thankfully Dana Porter is already a bustling spot that you might already frequent.

View: The arrow slit windows at Dana Porter can really limit your field of view, but if you can get the sun in your sights, you will have an excellent angle for viewing not only the campus, but the distant hills that make up the horizon. Glare can be a very big deal here depending on the window from which you are viewing. For view, we give Dana Porter 2.5/5.

Comfort: Unlike Stairwell A in STC, this location is made for sitting, and nicely furnished with chairs and desks. Depending on the time of year, however, these might be taken by other students. With the library set up as a study space, this location makes a comfortable spot to both study and view, though you may need to turn your head to do so. The 9th floor has a small lounge area with particularly comfortable armchairs that you can orient to face the windows without any tables in the way. For comfort, based on the ninth floor, 4/5.

Atmosphere: If you aren’t concerned about getting as high as possible, you can easily customize the background noise level by viewing on a group study, quiet study, or silent study floor. We particularly enjoyed the 9th floor quiet study, but depending on your preferences, you may feel right at home with the burbling conversation on the 10th floor group study. The rows upon rows of books create a homey environment that is worth wandering around after the sun has set. For atmosphere, 3.5/5.

This location is great if you enjoy the buzz of human activity while cozying up in an armchair with a good book. The weather is getting colder, so grab a warm drink (with a lid!) and enjoy the sun’s warm glow.


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