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By Trevor Potts

On the case of  the disappearing freshman 15

So you’ve settled into rez, started your classes, and might be thinking: how do I stay active with such a busy schedule? In all honesty, with fries and pop at an arm’s length in every meal, keeping those freshmen 15 off will be a challenge.

It’ll be hard, but staying fit can have a lot of benefits and it starts with finding your right routine.

Setting aside three hours of your week for some solid gyming can help you with balancing your diet, your mood and your time. I know most of us will think that building a routine is tricky, and you’re not wrong, but it helps to know what kind of gym monkey you are.

UW offers a variety of programs, drop-in classes, and facilities to build your routine with. If you’re not a fan of crowded gyms, don’t worry.

It’s a safe bet that the gyms will be pretty empty before twelve most days. If you get motivated in a groups, a shoe-tag class might be exactly the right fit for you.

The easiest way to stay fit is knowing what’s available.

Below you can find a quick run-down of some simple ways to keep off the freshman 15 and keep on the honours list.

Workout Facilities

On campus there are two major gym complexes: The Physical Activities Complex (PAC) and the Columbia Icefield Facility (CIF).

The PAC features full-size gyms, weight rooms, a pool, squash courts, climbing wall, and a high performance training zone.

The CIF features three gymnasiums, fitness studio, ball diamond, hockey and skating arena, playing fields, and fitness centre.

The trainers on hand are an excellent resource if you’re looking to learn more about workouts, fitness, or have other questions. Pro-tip for those living on campus: there are more gyms  in REV and CMH.

Shoe Tag Fitness Classes

Looking to try a fitness class but aren’t sure which one to pick?

Why not get a Shoe Tag? From zumba and pilates to bodyweight blast and cirque yoga, purchasing a Shoe Tag online or from the PAC office gives you unlimited access to try any of the 50 different drop-in fitness classes offered during the term.


For those looking for more social activities, UW has a huge number of clubs that you can join ranging from quidditch to jugger and a variety of niche sports including dragon boat racing, ultimate frisbee and archery.

Intramural Sports

Looking to stay active with your friends? UW has a number of intramural teams including basketball, volleyball, and flag-football.

Intramural sports lets you and your friends play against other students in fun, competitive leagues on campus.


Open everyday, four times per day, the PAC pool is open to

swim some lengths or practice your high dive.

Also, for the aquatically inclined, there are plenty of options if you’re looking to take swimming lessons, first aid, or aquatic leadership courses.

Instructional Classes

If you’re looking to try out something totally new, why not try one of the different types of dance, sports and martial arts instructional classes each term?

From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Salsa and TaeKwonDo, Uwaterloo Athletics has plenty of selection and exciting options for you to find your new hobby as you journey into your education.


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