Gohan beats Wuhan

By: Josh Goldschmidt


1. Video game in which the player eats ghosts

6. Duplicated an email

9. Five books of Moses, to a Jew

10. Bobby Drake, one of the original X-men 

12. Apple desktop released a year before the Macintosh

14. To approve or allow to pass

15. Single unit of corn

16. Formerly the National Indian Brotherhood, currently led by Perry Bellegarde

17. Most important meal of the day, allegedly

19. Founder of Creative Computing and writer of BASIC Computer Games

20. Junji ___, Japanese horror mangaka who received an Eisner for his adaption of Frankenstein

21. Support cells for neurons in the central nervous system

23. To reject

25. To damage or hinder

28. Mother of William and Harry

29. Pb

30. Of or relating to striptease


2. Acidic salt found in most fruits and vegetables

4. NASA’s GPS for tactical assault, available for Android

5. Acidic, especially for batteries

6. Abbreviation for calories

7. Playing in Superbowl 2020

8. “____ Baseketball,” a poem by Kobe Bryant

11. Roadside hotel

13. Greek Island featured in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

16. Professional association for American Child Psychologists

18. “Help Me, ______” 1965 Beach Boys single

20. Man-made object venerated as a deity

22. Wide film format used in 1917, Birds of Prey, and Mulan

24. A Jew


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