Greyhound to Pearson: Greyhound is providing transit from Waterloo to Pearson

Courtesy Frank Deanrdo/Flickr

Greyhound has recently obtained a license to provide service between the Waterloo Region and the Toronto Pearson Airport.

When Imprint tried to book a ticket from Waterloo to Pearson online, the standard fare was $26, one-way, on May 1 at 7:14 pm. When we called Greyhound, we were told “fares and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.”

In a letter written to Intercity Transit, from David Butler, Greyhound’s regional vice president, Eastern Canada, he states, “I wish to confirm that Greyhound does indeed hold all the required operating authorities to provide this service.”

Airways Transit has provided transportation between Waterloo and the airport, charging $94 per adult according to the fair calculator on their website. 


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