GRT increases fares


On June 15, Grand River Transit (GRT) announced a hike in the cost of fares, to go into effect July 1. According to CTV News, the price hike is intended to cover the rising cost of operating services and investing in planned service improvements. The cash fare and single ticket will be raised by a quarter from $3.25 to $3.50 each. Not all fares are rising, as the cost for monthly passes and day passes will remain unchanged at $90 and $8.50 respectively. Discounted fares will also remain the same.

Full-time Waterloo students can expect an additional $2.11 added to their tuition bill in the fall semester as a result of GRT increasing the cost of the universal bus pass program (U-Pass) from $105.50 a semester to $107.61. This is a mandatory fee attached to the tuition bill of full-time students, though part-time students are exempt. Participation in the program allows full-time students to take unlimited rides on the GRT while part-time students must pay for rides out of pocket unless they opt-in for the U-Pass. Read the full list of changes to GRT fares on the GRT website.

As of the writing of this article, WUSA has not responded to a request for comment.