Hacks aren’t just for CS kids What you don’t know about campus (but should)


By this point, you’ve probably heard a lot from the university about its systems and services. It can be a lot to remember, and little gems can slip through the cracks when you hear so much at once, despite the university’s best efforts. Here’s some gems you might not have gotten from orientation but are plenty useful.

WatCard’s off-campus uses

Aside from its GRT, meal plan and flex dollar usages, your WatCard is valuable to have at several off-campus locations as well. Farah Foods, Campus Pizza, Izna Poke Plus, Pita Factory, and Williams Fresh Cafe, all located in the plazas beside the university, accept WatCard payment (though this money comes from your flex dollars, not your meal plan). Similarly, Mucho Burrito, Gino’s Pizza, and Score Pizza, all on King Street North, accept WatCard payment in the same way. Your WatCard can also get you discounts at different spots in the city, like at the Kitchener Farmers’ Market, where presenting a valid student ID can get you 10 per cent off your purchase.


Printing on campus is easier than you might think, and you aren’t restricted to printing from residence. Simply visit the W Print homepage and follow the steps listed to print your document before choosing any of the below locations to print your document from:

  • Applied Health Science – AHS 2821
  • Arts Lecture Hall – Foyer
  • Burt Matthews Hall – BMH 1034
  • Chemistry – C2 160
  • Columbia Lake Village – General Complex
  • Conrad Grebel College – Library
  • Davis Centre Library – Main Floor
  • Davis Centre Library – Basement
  • Dana Porter Library – 262
  • Dana Porter Library – DP 302 (Near Vending Machines)
  • Fine Arts – ECH 1226
  • Environment – EV2 (Hallway, beside Rm. 1026)
  • Environment – EV2 1101
  • Hagey Hall – HH 2102
  • Hagey Hall – HH Hub (Outside 161A)
  • Math Building – MC 2063 (In Hallway)
  • Math Building – MC 3003
  • Math Building – MC 3004 (Outside of Room)
  • Math Building – MC 3008
  • Math Building – MC 3035 (In Hallway)
  • Mackenzie King Village (Next to 24-hr front desk)
  • Needles Hall 1441 – AccessAbility Services
  • Needles Hall 1020 – The Centre
  • Optometry – OPT 2101
  • Psychology – PAS 1099
  • School of Pharmacy – Library
  • South Campus Hall – Concourse
  • Physics – Main Foyer
  • Renison College – Library
  • Ron Eydt Village – General Complex
  • Student Life Centre – Great Hall
  • St. Paul’s College – STP 210
  • St. Jerome’s College – Library
  • Science Teaching Complex – STC 1013
  • Tatham Centre 1213 – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Village 1 – Rm 116
  • Stratford Campus – DMS 2026

Quick residence hacks:

  • Put your laundry pods at the bottom of your laundry — it dissolves better!
  • Make sure your delivery address for packages includes your room number so that the front desk of your building can notify you when your package arrives.
  • The residence gyms are smaller, but less busy as a result! If you’re looking to take a break from sitting at a desk all day but feel too anxious to go to CIF or PAC, take full advantage of what’s available in your building.
  • You can make your own waffles in the REV cafeteria. The waffle station also has free toppings like chocolate chips, maple syrup, and whipped cream. Sounds like Sunday brunch plans to me…

Food at the university colleges

If you’re tired of campus food and maybe willing to spend money aside from what’s on your meal plan, check out the food at the four university colleges (UCs) — Renison, St. Jerome’s, United, and Conrad Grebel. Even if you’re not co-registered, you can pop over to the UCs during their designated meal times (which can be found on their websites) to gain access to their all-you-can-eat meals.

Make sure to bring your credit card, debit card, or cash, as WatCard is not an accepted form of payment at the UCs (except at Renison and SJU). Renison also offers to-go boxes and an option to save 25 cents by bringing your own tupperware.

Tunnel system

This is something that really surprised me. Whether it’s because you’re trying to avoid the cold, or a person you really hate running into on campus, the tunnel system is a highly useful way of getting around campus without having to go outside. Using the tunnels between the science buildings, you can move from the SLC, the heart of campus, all the way to DWE, at the edge of Ring Road without ever having to step outside. For exact instructions on how, check out our social media at @uwimprint.