Hook’d: March 3

This week on Hook&rsquo;d, we&rsquo;ve got everything from rap to pop to disco. It&rsquo;s an eclectic blend, but these four songs are all pretty fantastic in their own right.</p>


1.     Kanye West – “All Day” featuring Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom, and Paul McCartney


After premiering the song at the BRIT music awards this past week, Kanye West has officially released the studio version of his song “All Day” from his newly-announced album, So Help Me God. No news on the release date, but the album’s shaping up to be quite interesting, considering the other cuts we’ve heard thus far, including organ ballad “Only One,” and expertly produced “Wolves.” “All Day” is the most intense and energetic song that has been released from the album up to date, with harsh synth and guitar breakdowns, all matching Kanye’s bold verses.


2. Carly Rae Jepsen – “I Really Like You”


It was always going to be a near-impossible challenge for Carly Rae Jepsen to get out of the one-hit wonder category, but her new single “I Really Like You” could actually make that possible. This is a pop song that will be soundtracking many summer adventures, and is basically the “Teenage Dream” of 2015. It’s a massive song that could have definitely served as the lead single from 1989 if Taylor Swift sang it ­– it’s about as light, fun, and catchy as pop gets.


3. Chelsea Lankes – “Too Young To Fall In Love”


How do you take a Mötley Crüe song and turn it into a slick, electro pop jam? Just ask Chelsea Lankes, who just released a two-song EP including a cover of “Too Young To Fall In Love.” In a recent interview, Lankes was quoted saying, “I’ve always been a fan of the '80s and particularly hair metal. There are so many great lyrics and melodies from that era and dressed up a little differently, they can still be a really great pop song.” She transforms the song well. It’s an incredibly smooth rendition of the song, and the combination of the guitar, her voice, and the processed vocals definitely enhance that effect.


4. Lindstrom – “Home Tonight” featuring Grace Hall


This year, Norwegian producer Lindstrom will be releasing a series of singles, the first of which is the nine-minute-long disco opus “Home Tonight.” Lindstrom incorporates so many things into the song including cowbell, cascading electronic sections, piano, and much more. The song is stuffed with so many interesting musical ideas that it doesn’t even feel particularly long, if anything, it could go on for even longer. It’s expertly cut to keep your attention and keep you jamming forever.


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