Hook’d- March 31

It&rsquo;s crunch time. Here&rsquo;s some high-energy songs to get you into exam season.</p>


1. “Gosh” – Jamie xx


Over a breakbeat-style loop, Jamie xx of The xx slowly builds up a glorious mountain of sounds to create an electronic masterpiece that evokes melancholy. “Gosh” is pretty beautiful, and is one of the many songs released from his upcoming debut solo album In Colour, out on June 1.


2. “Bitch Better Have My Money” – Rihanna


The second single from Rihanna’s eighth studio album, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” has finally dropped. It’s essentially just Rihanna sing-rapping over a trap beat, and it’s not hard to imagine the chorus of the song being played in Vines everywhere this summer. It’s a perfect song for our generation ­— there’s no time for a hook. Just get a catchphrase and run with it.


3. “OK” – Madeon


After years of releasing fantastic singles, Madeon has released his debut album, Adventure. It’s filled with his classically slick production and is an EDM gem. The third track, “OK,” features some distorted vocals from Charli XCX, and much like the rest of the album, allows Madeon to play around with synths to make fun, energetic tracks.


4. “Ice Princess” – Azealia Banks


Another single from Azealia Banks’ November 2014 release Broke With Expensive Taste, “Ice Princess” is a frosty AraabMuzik-produced song that samples “In The Air” by Morgan Page excellently. The tinkling xylophone and the hip-hop beat makes the song the most accessible single that Azealia Banks has released, but she lays down some icy cold verses that lead into a smooth electronic chorus.




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