Hot spots in Waterloo


If there’s one thing that makes the city of Waterloo appealing to students, it’s the fact that it has a great mix of traditional and modern places to go to. Here are some spots where you’re most likely to see students:

Waterloo Park is the perfect place for fun, outdoor activity. Not only does it have a lake, hiking/bike trails, and a skateboard park, but it also has a mini zoo! It’s pretty much ideal for both exercise and relaxation. Waterloo Park is still a great spot in the wintertime as well, especially during its annual Wonders of Winter festival, when the park is lit up with artwork and holiday songs are heard everywhere you go.

Next is uptown Waterloo, which is filled with many local shops and eateries. If there is one shop that screams Waterloo, it’s definitely Death Valley’s Little Brother, otherwise known as DVLB. If you’re in the mood to feel remotely hipster, then this is the spot for you. From its logo of a rabbit with antlers to its rustic furniture, everything screams cultured and avant-garde. Don’t be intimidated by this however, especially since their coffee is one of the best in town and you wouldn’t want to miss out on trying some. Be sure to also try their whiskey hot chocolate — a DVLB classic.

Princess Cinemas and the Princess Twin Cinemas make up another iconic location in uptown Waterloo. Not only do they screen popular mainstream movies, but they’re also known for screening specialty and independent films as well. And, if there’s one thing the original Princess Cinemas is known for, it’s its screening of cult movies. From Pulp Fiction, to The Princess Bride, to The Room — it has them all. So if you ever need to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween night, then Princess Cinemas is perfect for you.

Waterloo is also known for St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market, Canada’s largest year-round market. The commute to get there might be long, but it will be worth it, especially if you’re into homemade food. Filled with locally grown produce at a low price, it’s a great place for students to shop for groceries on a budget. Even after its tragic fire in 2013, it’s still up and running.

If you do miss the presence of commercial stores like American Eagle and H&M, then fear not, we have Conestoga Mall. Conestoga Mall is probably just like any other mall that you’ve visited. Not only does it have commercial stores like the ones previously mentioned, it has a movie theatre and a museum attached to it as well. Plus, it’s the only place with an Apple Store in the region, so for those who need tech support for their MacBooks, this is the place to go.

So there you have it — popular places in Waterloo where you’ll most likely find students hanging out. Be sure to check them out to get a feel of what the region has to offer.


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