1) Buy a Shoe Tag.

This will grant you access to a variety of classes offered on campus. From De-Stress Yoga, Super Sculpt, and Warrior Workouts to Zumba, ballet barre, and cycle classes, there is something for every person and preference.

If you like dancing, stretching, lifting weights, or intense cardio – the shoe tag has you covered. Classes range from 8a.m. to 8p.m., meaning that you can easily fit in one of these 50-minute classes around school, work, and meetings.

2) Join an intramural team.

Unfortunately, the deadline to register was Sept. 18. But keep in mind, there is always next term! Teams range from casual to competitive, making it a fun activity regardless of your skill level.

Some of the leagues which you are able to join include soccer, ball hockey, basketball, dodgeball, flag football, ice hockey, ultimate frisbee, slo-pitch, and volleyball.

With games scattered through out the term, joining an intramural team makes for good motivation to stay in shape, all while meeting new people and having fun.

3) Hit the gym.

If you live in REV or UWP, you can find a gym right in your residence. If not, CIF and PAC are located on campus and are easy to find. Plus, they have personal trainers available to answer all your fitness questions.

4) Make use of PAC and CIF facilities.

Both facilities have open recreation and swimming schedules.

There are pick-up sports, fitness and recreational swims, women-only fitness and recreational swims, and open recreational skating times.

Not only are these great ways to exercise, but they are also excellent activities to do with friends.

5) Go for a run, bike ride, or walk around campus.

You can find paved pathways to take at Columbia Lake or Waterloo Park if you are interested in enjoying some nature.

Ring Road is always a great option for those who want to keep close to campus.

For those who want to venture beyond campus, it is possible find many streets with lovely brick houses and fall foliage in the surrounding areas.

6) Finally, for the really busy student: take the stairs.

The next time you need to ascend several stories, consider taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Albeit a short workout, it is still a quick way to maintain your health if you cannot fit in time for other physical activities.

If you do it multiple times per day those short bursts of exercise will add up, especially when studying on one of the upper floors of Dana Porter.


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