How to be more productive in 3… 2… Zzz


Are you excited by the prospect of working a lot? Are you always on time with all your deadlines?

Then this article is probably not for you (but you should still stick around and read on).

As we all know by now, ‘tis the season to be lazy. With the heavy winter snow blanketing most of Waterloo, and blustering winds compelling you to stay indoors, it isn’t hard to imagine that the average student is stuck endlessly between Netflix and school.

It is often difficult to snap out of procrastination and perform a productive task. It isn’t impossible though, here are a couple things you can try to break this never-ending cycle.

You could incentivize yourself to finish your duties. The incentive could be in the form of a hobby or activity. You could read a book, go on a photo-walk, or even knit a fancy sweater — but only after you have done your share of duties. It doesn’t just have to be a hobby. Anything that can help break you out of the vigour of work (but not distract you for too long) will fit the bill. You could motivate yourself with your favourite errand like cooking ramen noodles, folding clothes, or preparing your favourite beverage at home.

What if you want to start a new hobby? Do you feel uninspired to venture out of your comfort zone?

Maybe everyone is already better at a certain hobby that you are just beginning to learn. Insecurity can set in quickly, but that’s when you need to remind yourself why you started doing it in the first place. Do it for the fun. Do it for the learning experience. The whole point of a hobby is to make the most of your time by participating in something that you enjoy. It will invigorate you, and it is sure to break you out of a monotonous routine.

There is a reason I am writing this article in the last few hours before its submission. I need deadlines because I am uninspired without pressure. Hold yourself accountable with just a pinch of pressure. Setting a target or giving yourself a set amount of time to accomplish an activity is a good way to get the ball rolling towards completing a task.

Phones are little nuggets of distraction, and sadly, like any Black Mirror episode has taught us, we need to be watchful of how much we use them. Being on your phone is like being in a high-end clothing store that restocks every few minutes with new shipments.

I know that I, for one would not want to get out of that. Ironically, the solution might just be to install another app. Forest is a freemium app for Android and iOS, that also offers Chrome extension which can help you stay off your device and contribute to the environment at the same time. Or you could also go old school and hide your phone in another room while you work. Whatever works for you. Happy productivity!

Nikhar Dhingra

2B Management Student



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