How to be the life of a Zoom party

Graphic by Candice Cheng

Where are my spring babies at? In this time of self-isolation all clubs, venues, and restaurants (dining-in) are closed. In-person social gatherings are all but impossible. 

No stress. 

This is 2020 – we have technology. 

Locked in doesn’t mean we can’t turn up. And a Zoom party is the prime “social” gathering for both extroverts who need to talk to people, and introverts who just want to stay home: everybody wins. 

Here are some tips on how to enjoy yourself and make the most out of any online Zoom party.

Tip #1 Get the app: Obviously in order to even throw a Zoom party, you and your friends need to download and install the Zoom app – don’t worry, it’s free. You’ll also need to make sure Everyone knows how to use the app and has access to strong WiFi. Pro-tip: four to five people max is optimal so everyone will have equal space on screen, and can ultimately feel included.

Tip #2 Background Check: I am sure we have all seen the memes and TikToks of people using different backgrounds, filters, and emojis on Zoom. There are plenty of options – everything from spaghetti and fried chicken, to Baby Yoda and blank meme templates. You can even play back previously recorded video and use it as a background – for example, you can film yourself walking in through a door, then play it back during the party so it looks as if you walked in on yourself. Everyone will be talking about it guaranteed.

Tip #3 Get Controversial: Just like the previous tip, do things during the party that will drop jaws and blow minds. You can fill up an empty vodka bottle with water and randomly chug it throughout the night, wear a fancy top with pyjama pants, or even flex your new quarantine haircut – the possibilities are endless. The best part is they are your friends and you won’t be badly judged, though I can make no promises with regards to roasts.

Tip #4 Be Mindful: At the same time, be considerate towards your other friends. Don’t do anything unexplainably dumb or offensive. Based on the relative strengths of WiFi connections there may be a lag when communicating, so make sure everyone has an opportunity to be included and voice their thoughts on the conversation or roast session.

Tip #5 Have Fun: This isn’t a group study session – it’s a PAR-TAY. Some cool and fun games that you can allplay via video call are Heads Up!, Never Have I Ever, charades, or karaoke. If you all want to dance and go crazy, do it. The beauty is in that you are in the comfort of your own home, and within your own limits. You can dress up as fancy as you want, eat whatever you like, have a show or movie running in the background… it’s all up to you.


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