Humans vs. Zombies: Undead entertainment


Every term, a huge game of tag takes over campus for a week: Humans vs. Zombies. Players go to class as normal, but with the added challenge of also trying to survive a zombie apocalypse! Next week happens to be the fall term instalment of the game, so Imprint‘s gathered some tips for playing.

Read the rules!

You don’t want a friend to escape your clutches through a loophole.

Communication is important. Get the contact info of other players so you can team up and protect each other.

As a human:

Always check around corners. Zombies love to wait in ambush!

Go through safe buildings to avoid the horde. Watch for stealthy ones trailing you when you leave though!

First years beware — zombies like to stalk residences during the week. Move in large groups to class so no one gets caught alone.

As a zombie:

Humans have the ranged advantage of using Nerf blasters, so always find ways to close the distance between you. Cover is your friend — bushes, corners, pillars — and ambushes are great.

Attack as a group! Attacking one at a time gives humans the chance to take you out individually.

Don’t overexert yourself. The need to eat brains might be overwhelming, but give yourself time to rest — chasing humans is hard work. 

How to be a spectator:

It’s always fun to watch a huge battle unfold in front of you, but here’s some tips on how to not interfere.

Don’t wear bandannas or those shirts with asymmetrical stripes, or you might get tagged or shot with Nerf darts! They look very similar to the game identifiers.

Don’t tell players game details or where people are. It’s more fun to see them discover stuff themselves and problem solve.

Humans vs. Zombies signups are 10-5 in the following locations: Math and Computer Science third floor and Science Teaching Complex lobby for the rest of the week, Student Life Centre Vendors’ Alley on Wednesday, Carl Pollock Hall in the hallway outside POETS on Thursday, and Hagey Hall Hub on Friday. For more information, email or check out the Humans vs. Zombies Society Facebook group.