Ideas Start Here in new summer program for would-be international students

Canada’s “Most Innovative University” is not letting loose its grip on the title.

Waterloo’s newly-released IDEAS Summer Experience seeks to further elevate the university on its standards of excellence, innovation and creativity with extension to undergraduate students keen to think outside of the box.

“This is an initiative that surpasses the idea of university as a place for an academic experience,” said Rebecca Norris, an English studies graduate student. “Instead, UW is re-mapping the role of an academic institution in all realms of student experience — globally, locally, technologically, and, most importantly, on a really human level.”

IDEAS Summer Experience goes beyond an undergraduate outreach initiative, focusing on the inclusion of international high school students in teaching creative solutions to local and global problems that perpetuate today’s global headlines.

The two-week summer enrichment program will bring together students from around the world to live on campus and study a range of subjects.

The program also seeks to provide students with tools for academic success, hands-on learning sessions, as well as participation in social and cultural activities.

English language classes, teamwork development, collaborative learning, and creative problem solving paired with experiential learning from a range of faculties and guest speakers will be included in the program.

While the experience may be priceless, participation in the summer enrichment program comes at a cost of $4,200 — slightly higher than the cost of one full-time term of undergraduate studies for arts students. The cost of the program is inclusive of meals and accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, health insurance, classes, and recreational and cultural activities (as well as an iPad Mini — for keeps — for note-taking purposes).

“At the onset, the price appears steep,” said Ashley Gallant, a recreation and leisure studies student. “But there are a lot of students who would love to take advantage of this type of experience in preparation for university.”


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