Imprint Ink: The Shady Ladybug


“My nana, a glorious gardener, ran a business out of her house called ‘The Shady Ladybug,’ selling flowers from her vast garden. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was five years old, but she always told us how she was going to come back as a ladybug. And since her passing, at every significant life event my family has experienced, there has been a ladybug. At my papa’s funeral there was one sitting on the casket, at my older sister’s Grade 8 graduation there was one on my mom’s seat, etc. They always pop up when we need them the most! Anyway, fast forward to last year, my mom, sister, and I went and got matching ladybug tattoos using the icon from one of my nana’s old business cards we uncovered! And voila!” 

– Sophia Armstrong, 2nd year Knowledge Integration