Imprint raising money for breast cancer awareness


by Charlotte Hings

Healthy Cravings Canada and Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) have created a healthy snack industry aimed at generating charitable awareness for breast cancer. CBCN is Canada’s leading patient – directed organization of individuals concerned about breast cancer. They strive to voice the views and concerns of breast cancer patients through education, advocacy activities, and the promotion of information sharing. Outside the Imprint office, you can now support CBCN by putting a loonie in the vending machine to get your choice of several delicious low calorie, low carb, whole food snacks. These include organic nuts, trail mix, jelly beans and raisins. Approximately 10 per cent of funds are used to support breast cancer awareness. Healthy Cravings Canada has just started introducing their vending machines in the Waterloo area. They have machines in a variety of local establishments.