Imprint reviews: Pür and Simple is as pure and simple as good food gets 


I’ve never been especially fond of most breakfast and brunch foods. However, after a friend convinced me to try Pür and Simple in Uptown Waterloo last year, I’ve since been plugged into the world of oatmeal and omelettes for good. 

To understand the caliber of food at Pür and Simple, you must know that I went from being someone who seldom ate out for breakfast to being recognized as a regular customer within the span of a week of first trying their food. Much of my past year was spent eating there, and I’ve loved introducing friends and family to the restaurant too, especially since the staff is always so friendly and personable. Questions about the menu are answered with enthusiasm and precision, and dietary restrictions are always taken seriously. Wait times might be long (it’s not uncommon to see long lines of people trailing out the door) but it really is worth it, and takeout options are always available for those unwilling to wait inside. 

Now, moving onto the actual food. The Triple Berry pancakes are hands-down the best ones I’ve ever had: thick, fluffy and bursting with flavour from fresh berries that temper the sweetness of two different types of cream, whipped and English. While the $16.50 price tag might come off as unreasonable for two pancakes (especially as students), the portion sizes are incredibly generous. Even at my most hungry, I’ve always had to pack leftovers, and I really do think they’re worth trying at least once. The Waffles & Fruits, too, are irresistible – but it is worth noting that other options like the Red Velvet Pancakes might be a little too sugary for those with less of a sweet tooth.  

If there’s one item on the menu I’d have to draw attention to, it’s the Potato Pancakes (or latkes), which I literally used to have an allocated section for in my monthly budget before they were sadly taken off the menu. The pancakes on their own were already heaven on their own but they were elevated to an entirely different level from the two poached eggs and rich, hollandaise sauce that would be piled overtop of them. As if that couldn’t get better, their pillowy breakfast potatoes were added on the side and are topped with crispy onions.

While the Potato Pancakes have since been taken off the menu, I sincerely urge Pür and Simple to bring them back: I miss them dearly.