Indigenous loan words are all around us



1. American intelligence agency abroad

3. Cyllindrical beads strung together for storytelling purposes

6. “America’s First Department Store”

8. State of the Jazz 

10. Chieftain in Mexico or the West Indies

13. The Burghers of ______ by Auguste Rodin

14. Rideshare service

15. Sound file, for a CD

17. In the lowest estimate (two words)

21. Ibn-abu-Talib, The Lion of G-d

22. To grill over an open fire

24. Tornado

27. Tool for chopping

28. UW research group for improving care in aging populations

29. Messaging app competing with Kakao

31. The groove holding a gem in place

32. Bulgarian wizard with a thing for Emma Watson

33. A test of courage

34. A large gathering for socializing, dancing and singing.

35. American party deciding their newest leader (abbridged)


1. A meeting of supporters of a specific political party

2. Australian rapper who debuted her album The New Classic in 2014

3. Run the Big CSters Mentoring program in UW

4. Walking shoe made of soft leather

5. The largest shared universe in the film world

7. A grant to exercise certain rights

9.  Below tilde

11. Quid pro ___

12. Canadian high-calorie cooking show on Youtube (abbrv.)

16. Cry

18. Every single one individually

19. Largest state in America

20. Men’s formal wear

23. Largest province in Canada

24. A member of the Montreal Canadiens

25. Snotty Nose ___ Kids

26.  A shelter built of snow

27. Avoid

31. Muslim religious leader


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