Interesting electives to take this term

Graphic by Sarah Morassutti

If you, like me, are looking for an elective to switch into -two weeks into the term, you’ve come to the right place! With the add period deadline slowly approaching, now might be the best time to make your decision. I went ahead and did the homework for you- including all courses available this term and their FLOW ratings. Here are some of the courses I thought provided a different perspective than the majority of us might be used to in required courses, and some of them sound like a blast to be in. 

These courses are also offered regularly through the year so make sure to check the schedule of classes out if you’re hoping to take them in later terms.

ANTH 100: Introduction to Anthropology

If you’re curious about how humans have thrived in a diversity of cultures through time, this is the perfect course for you. It’s meant to provide an overview of what anthropology is and it has a 73 per cent ‘Easy’ rating on UW Flow. It’s also been liked by 71 per cent of the students that have recently taken the course. 

ANTH 241: Food as Culture 

Another anthropology recommendation is ANTH 241, for all our food lovers. This course explores how the collection of food has shaped our biology and forms of social organization. It also examines this topic through the lenses of politics, economy and colonialism, amongst other things. 

COMM 101: Introduction to Financial Markets

If you’re looking to understand the basics of financial decision-making (and who doesn’t need this), you should consider taking COMM 101. The course only has a 50 per cent rating for easiness on Flow but has a higher usefulness rating, so it’s probably doing something right.

ENGL 108A: The Superhero

Are you obsessed with superheroes? Have you always wondered what makes them so cool? This course examines the hero, from ancient characters like Gilgamesh to modern comic book superheroes in books and films. What makes ENGL 108A even better, you ask? It has a 73 per cent rating for easiness and solid reviews. 

ENGL 108P: Popular Potter

This one is for all the Harry Potter fanatics. The course explores critical theories and cultural studies to examine the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. ENGL 108P has been liked by 88 per cent of the students who have enjoyed the historical and literary context that the course places the Rowling series in. 

GSJ 201: Gender and Social Justice in Popular Culture

This course examines gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, religion, class and other aspects of people’s identities, including the advantages and disadvantages that people experience by virtue of these identities. The course also questions how popular culture can address these inequalities and whether popular culture is more often a boon or a bane. 

THPERF 102: Introduction to Performance

This is a workshop course that introduces students to the different aspects of performing in formal and informal settings through various activities and performances. What’s more, students don’t need any previous performance experience.

If you’d like to look for other options, visit the Course Selection Offerings List.