Keeping things fun in Kitchener


By Sunny Fleming


This year, from October 5-13, you can partake in the Oktober festivities. They have everything from parades, to hockey games, and the main events in the Festhallen. They have dances, food, and of course beer.

Victoria Park

This park is the perfect spot for anyone trying to enjoy some nature.  It features a basketball court to shoot hoops, a horseshoe pit, a playground, and access to the Iron Horse hiking trail. The Victoria Park Gallery is also open until October, and a restaurant called the Boathouse sits along the lake.

Adventurers Guild Game Cafe

This cafe has hundreds of board games, tabletop roleplaying games, and video games for you to choose from. The best part? It’s only $5 to play all day. Plus, they also serve some tasty food and drinks.

Axe Throwing

Do you ever get so fired up you just want to throw an axe? At Bad Axe Throwingw, you can learn how to fling an axe with precision. If you go during their walk-in hours, it’s $20 per hour, per person. Costs may increase if you book a larger event. Each visit starts with a brief orientation on how to throw the axe without getting injured.


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