Key takeaways from WUSA’s annual general meeting


WUSA’s annual general meeting took place on Wednesday evening, March 28, allowing students to debate and vote on a number of proposed motions. This was the first time that the meeting was held in a hybrid format, allowing students to attend and vote both in-person and online. Below is a summary of several motions that were passed.

Removal of Daniel Wang as Director-Elect

This motion called for the removal of Wang from the list of directors-elect, with the movers arguing that he violated the code of conduct and made “unrealistic promises” in campaign posters.

Election of the Board of Directors

With this motion passed, all directors-elect (with the exception of Wang) will officially become WUSA Directors for the term lasting from May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025. 

Student Publications Fee

This motion called for the student publications fee to be reduced from $6.40 to $5.40 and be reclassified as a compulsory fee. During the meeting, an amendment was added to the motion, which will require the publications manager, along with WUSA, to create ongoing reports about Imprint’s revenues and expenses.

Student Life Fee

This motion called for the student life fee to be increased by $1.67 starting in the 2024-25 academic year in order to “improve WUSA’s events programming.” Originally, the motion called for a $3 increase starting in the 2025-26 academic year, but this increase was voted against.

Development of Housing Market Resources + Recommendations

The passing of this motion will call upon WUSA to work with the university to update and expand housing resources to include “the common scams and illegal issues that students face” when navigating rental spaces. The motion also calls for WUSA to work with the university on developing recommendations to address “systemic issues” that students face in the local rental market.

Establishment of Club Events Calendar

With this motion passed, WUSA will commit to exploring opportunities for a “centralized digital space” for students to view and publish club events.

Implementation of Coverage for Gender-Affirming Care

This motion calls upon WUSA’s board to take immediate action in amending the 2024-25 WUSA health insurance plan to include “comprehensive coverage for gender-affirming care to address the pressing healthcare needs of transgender and non-binary students.”

Addressing VP Role Vacancy

This motion allowed students the opportunity to vote on whether they support WUSA’s incoming board of directors exercising their power to appoint Arya Razmjoo to the role of vice-president and director of the board ex-officio. As no candidate ran for vice-president during this year’s WUSA general election, the incoming directors voted to appoint Razmjoo to the role.

More information on the meeting, including details on the motions, can be found here.