Kitchener Famous: A New Podcast Promotes Community Artists


Two local musicians have created Kitchener Famous – a podcast that promotes artists hailing from the KW region.
Hosts Jay Carraro and Jesse Webber wanted to provide a platform for musicians, comedians, and venues that have been hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Every episode features appearances from community guests, connecting performers with venue owners as they share their passions, experiences, and future goals. Artists are also able to address any upcoming releases or merchandise they’re looking to sell. 

The podcast format is very laid-back. The hosts and their guests cover topics related to their careers, such as memorable fan interactions, and humorous questions, like what actor would play them in a biopic. 

In some ways, Kitchener Famous pokes fun at the idea of being locally famous. According to Webber, he and Carraro enjoy making fun of local artists with inflated egos. 

At its core, the podcast is about community. The hosts have created a space for artists to make new memories, develop new connections, and attract new fans from the region. 

The first episode features singer-songwriter Jesse Parent and Shan Bricker, the co-owner of Lana’s Lounge. Both guests have praised the podcast. Parent highlighted the importance of connection through the arts, and Bricker emphasized the role Kitchener Famous has played in keeping the local scene alive over the past year.

Music has been a key element of KW’s culture since the region was founded. Carraro and Webber are making their own mark on this community, creating a legacy of support for new artists to continue throughout the pandemic and beyond.

As of March, Kitchener Famous has around 2,000 monthly listeners. The podcast is available “everywhere you listen to podcasts,” and you can find more information and merchandise at 



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